Prenatal & Postpartum Care

Hormonal imbalances, energetic shifts, and the obvious physical changes are all present during pregnancy, and well after delivery.  I recognize the challenges that women may be experiencing and use my own empathic and energetic methods to make true connections with my clients.


I take special care to reach out to new mothers, offering discounted services during the fourth trimester to be sure they are getting the emotional and physical support they need.


Benefits of Prenatal Massage Include:


Encourage Hormonal Balance

Relieve anxiety/ depression

Maintain healthy Blood Pressure levels

Decrease swelling in hands and feet

Address low back and hip pain 

Labor encouragement

Benefits of Postpartum Massage


Stabilize joints and ligaments that were stressed during labor

Address Muscle tension from labor and nursing

Encourage Hormonal Balance

Relieve Anxiety/ Depression/ Stress

Time for new mom to focus on her own health

A much-needed nap!

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