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Updated: Jan 19, 2020

If you’ve experienced the joys and challenges of pregnancy, then maybe you remember the things that were just for you. Vitamins! A Special yoga class for you and all your expecting friends! Late night ice cream runs, foot rubs, parties where people buy you teeny tiny sweaters and shoes.

But there’s an odd thing that happens after your bundle of joy comes along.

Suddenly, to the outside world, you’re just a regular person again.

But to others who been there, through a traumatic birthing experience and an isolating post-partum, you are a warrior, and now belong to an elite worldwide and centuries old club called “mother”. You give and nurture and cuddle and love so big and bright it is literally painful.

You’re a mother, forged in the fire of labor pains and a birth story you love to tell because it was personal and visceral and beautiful and terrifying. Your hormones are shifting, you’re losing sleep, you have lots of questions, maybe you feel unsupported, maybe you’re trying to figure out how to nurse, or how to bottle feed, and all the while you’re trying to adapt to a new normal with a brave smile on your face.

There is a grief that no one talks about after your baby is born. There is a grief that your baby’s home is now outside in a scary world instead of with you all the time. You feel the weight of the profound loss of freedom. In some cases, this grief becomes postpartum depression.

Regardless of your birth story, your pregnancy, or your parenting choices, you’ve been through a lot. Pregnancy and labor are hard on your body and on your emotions. Take some time for yourself. One hour. Ten minutes. To reset; to breathe.

For this time, however long you're able, stop and take care of you. Release the stored energy from your pregnancy and nurture the places that are sore from this gigantic event. Release the stress that builds up in your body when you hear your newborn cry. Release the pressure to be a perfect mother. Maybe no one will open the door for you, or throw you a party, but you can remember who you were before this momentous shift happened. You can grieve the life you had while still loving your changing environment. You can show up for yourSelf because you deserve it now more than ever. And in Mothering ourSelves, we become better caregivers for the little ones who need us to light the way.

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