How my new bra changed my life.

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

Prior to becoming an esthetician, I didn’t have much of a routine. Some mascara and some lipstick if I was feeling frisky. My routine has changed a lot, and I think it has changed me for the better. Because these little bits of self-care, they snow ball into bigger bits. I was reminded of this today in a very real way.

Sometimes, we fall into disrepair. And it’s not always noticeable. Maybe we skip flossing a few times and we get cavities. Maybe we let some pain or even an illness go untreated for a little too long. For me, my most frequently used bra had torn apart to the point the underwire was poking out and the clasp was no longer super claspy. I kept putting off getting a new one, but today was the day folks! I bit the bullet, drove all the way PAST THE RIVER to the petticoat fair.

When I put my new bra on and I noticed a few things. For one, the old bra was dirty. I hadn’t noticed. I had become so used to seeing it day in and day out I hadn’t noticed it was no long pristine, nor did it hold a good shape. Two, my body and my breasts look different, happier, secure, and even a little perky compared to the old one. And the final and maybe most important thing… I hadn’t realized this old bra with its pokey underwire and broken clasp had been so painful until I wasn’t in pain anymore. And I held my head high, and I took a deep breath, and I relished in the lack of pain, and the lack of dirt, and the lack of false security.

I bought a new outfit, had lunch with a friend, and felt like a new woman. And I wonder, what else is in disrepair that I don’t know about? I beg you to take stock of yourself. Maybe it has nothing to do with your body, or your looks, and that’s great. That kind of self-inventory is waaay more important anyway. Is your self-esteem in disrepair? Is it dirty, unsupportive, and maybe painful? What about an unresolved issue in your life? Have you gotten so used to it poking you in the back that you hardly even notice anymore?

Find something new, something clean and supportive, and move yourself away from the complacency of getting stabbed in the back.

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