We have created all-natural facials using plants, herbs, and clays so you can feel your best with no harsh chemicals or mystery formulas.  


All Natural




Signature Facials


Gentle Exfoliation and a steam treatment prep the skin for extractions and a deep avocado oil massage to reduce pore congestion.  A special blend of clays and botanicals will detoxify and calm inflamed skin.  Perfect for normal to oily skin or mild to moderate acne.

Sixty Minutes $95       


Papaya and Pineapple Enzymes offer an exfoliating treatment for dry or dull skin.  A nourishing oil blend massage will increase circulation and restore your skin’s natural glow.  We finish with a hyaluronic and Vitamin A mask application to plump and hydrate fine lines.  This facial also features of signature blend of maca and turmeric to smoothe and brighten.  Designed for Normal to Dry Skin. 

Sixty Minutes $95           

Specialty Facials


Breath of Fire 

   to brighten and even skin tone

Activated Charcoal made from Volcanic Ash gives a deep pore cleanse and detoxification.  A turmeric based self-heating brightening paste is applied while you enjoy a neck and shoulder massage.  A Probiotic Skin Repair Mask will soothe your skin and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.  

60 Minutes $115

Nourish + Flourish

   for deep hydration

In this anti-aging Facial, a Rose Water Tonic boosts hydration and fruit enzymes prepare the skin for a vitamin C peel.  The peel penetrates the skin for up to ten minutes for maximum exfoliation.  A soothing Hyaluronic Mask will help the skin retain moisture and give a plumping appearance to fine lines.  Includes a revitalizing Eye treatment for fresher, younger looking skin.

75 Minutes $135

Lemon Sugar Sparkle

   to refresh dull skin

After a double cleanse and a coconut water tonic, Lemon sugar polish will exfoliate your skin to give it a healthy glow.  Enjoy a neck and shoulder massage while an antioxidant mask penetrates deep into your pores for healthier, softer skin.  We will finish with hydrating lemon gel and a brightening serum so you can show the world your sparkle!

60 Minutes $115

All That Glitters...

   to soften, brighten, and smooth

The star of this skincare treatment is undeniably the 24K gold suspension serum that leaves your skin looking clear and bright, while feeling silky smooth.  Colloidal Silver mist, skin refining polish and our signature GLOW mask all work together to prep your skin for the gold suspension.  This facial is ideal for offering smoother texture to skin and is suitable for all skin types!

60 minutes $115

Add any of the following to enhance

your skincare treatment:


Extra Massage (30 Minutes) $60

Vetiver & Lavender Scalp Treatment

       (15 Minutes) $20

Exfoliating Vitamin C Peel $50