Frequently Asked Questions

What is Holistic?

Holistic skincare is about treating each client as a whole person, and addressing any environmental, dietary, or emotional factors that may be impacting your skin’s health.  Holistic health uses natural ingredients and remedies for a gentler approach to wellness.



What can I expect during my facial?

We begin by removing any makeup and clean your skin using a gentle balancing cleanser. Next, I verify your skin type and pick products that will benefit and nourish your skin.  Sit under the hot steam to let your pores open up and enjoy a hand and arm massage.  After exfoliation, I use my gentle but effective two-part extraction method, ending with an oil cleansing facial massage.  Nourishing Customized masques will be applied to the skin as you enjoy a neck and  shoulder massage. The treatment ends with moisture infusion and a scalp massage.



What products do you use?

I use a blend of the Hylunia Skin Care line,which is a high-end skincare line formulated to be non-irritating, anti-carcinogenic, and free from most allergens, as well as custom blends of herbs, plants, and clays.  Using ingredients from the earth, that use no animal testing, you can be sure the products are safe, and the possibility of a reaction is minimal.


What are your extraction methods/ Do you extract Milia?

Due to the gentle approach used in my spa, I do not use any metal instruments or lancets for my extraction process.  Using a combination of manual extractions, and oil cleansing facial massage, I clean your pores from dirt, sebum, and debris without irritating the skin. Milia are best extracted using lancets, and I offer a referral for these extactions.  


Do you work with children/ teens?

Yes! In my massage practice I have worked with children as young as three years old.  Children benefit from bodywork to aid in healing injuries, deal with gastrointestinal issues, emotional/ behavioral problems, and unbalanced sleep patterns.  I do offer teen facials starting at the age of twelve, to help combat hormonally imbalanced skin, breakouts, or other concerns.   


I have food allergies.  Will I have a reaction to your food-based products?

All of my products are gluten and dairy free, as well as vegan.  If you have sensitivities to any foods, just let me know and we can customize a blend for you.