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Meet Laura

Laura lives and works in Austin, Texas as an empathic healer. She is an author, massage therapist, meditation teacher, and wellness coach.  As a highly sensitive individual, she is excessively receptive to auditory and visual stimuli, and has been blessed with extra sensory perception.  She has both the gift of clairsentience and a strong power of intuition. A survivor of severe trauma, she has used the ability to overcome her own struggles to strengthen her resolve to heal others in her community.


What is an 

Empathetic Healer

An empath is someone who can tune into and sense the emotions of others.  Also known as clairsentience, this gift is similar to a psychic ability, and is tied to having a strong intuition.  An empathic healer is someone who uses the gift of clairsentience for the benevolent good of others, to heal them from negative emotional patterns.  


Body Work 


Energy Healing

Laura has been a massage therapist since 2008, and has spent the last decade perfecting her craft of bodywork. She has worked at spas all over Austin, learning corrective and relaxation techniques.  She founded Elevate Holistics in 2018, offering massage therapy and spa services to her community in South Austin. Her meditation practice and work with other healers has increased her ability to sense and direct energy flow to help you feel great, and shine from the inside out.

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